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JingleMakers of Australia provide professional constructed jingles and music-based advertising packages for radio, television and for Internet marketing.  There is a lot of competition in the audio marketing arena.  However, a successful jingle incorporates more than the name of your business with a tune.  A commercial jingle is flexible enough to allow for individuality for businesses of all sizes, but the main goal of a jingle to ‘hook’ the audience with tunes and lyrics.

We specialise in crafting music for jingles which successfully targets the right audience, blends in your brand message, your company name, music and a big idea to hook the audience with tunes and lyrics.

Web, TV and Radio Jingles

The delivery mechanism for jingle music is usually a radio or television commercial. Adverts with music can also be used for Web videocasting and audio presentations. Because you put a lot of your marketing dollars into these advertising venues, we owe it to you to build a custom jingle with a great hook.

Many of our clients requesting jingle writing come via an advertising agency. However, your business doesn’t have to be aligned to an advertising company to use JingleMakers.  We can easily work with you to understand your guidelines and suggestions for the company’s jingle music.  You may have a jingle in mind that resonates with your own brand. Also, if you favour a style of music or have words that must be included in the lyric, then feel free to share that with us.

We also offer the following services using our voice talent and recording studio near Sydney, Australia.

  • Jingles and Musical Advertisements
  • Voiceover recording
  • Telephone answering messages
  • Interactive voice response system messaging
  • Professional voice talent
  • Radio and television voiceovers
  • Web voiceover announcements
  • YouTube voiceovers
  • Narration voiceovers
  • Nearby Sydney recording studio
  • Record mixing
  • Wedding bands, solo musicians, party bands

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"Dave and the Jinglemakers team put Australia's 4th Largest shopping centre on the map with "It's All At Westpoint", sending listeners into a shopping frenzy with that contagious jingle."

Kim Lemke
Kim Lemke Creative