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Step 1. Collecting Information

The first step to creating your jingle is to acquaint ourselves with your requirements. We ask questions about your business to determine the image you wish to promote, the style of advertising and the message you wish to convey. The preferred method to gather this information is by talking with you in-depth. Feel free to call either contact numbers, or alternatively use the Creative Brief Form with this information we can formulate an advertising strategy.

Step 2. The Message

The Creative team take this information and write the lyrics for the jingle, which are then faxed or emailed to you.

This process usually takes around 3-5 days.

Step 3. Lyric Approval

It is important that you like the lyrics, so if are not satisfied then changes can be easily made at this point. When you are totally happy and approve the lyrics, we move on to discuss a music style which may best suit the image you are promoting.

Step 4. Words and Music Meet

Your project is now in the hands of one of our composers. A memorable melody will be combined with the lyrics, then arranged and recorded to produce a demo of your jingle.

We send this to you once again for approval( CD or via the net as an MP3 file).

Step 5. The BIG Test

We are sure you are going to play it to family, friends and business colleagues so make sure you listen to it about 20 times in a week (much the same as the frequency of a 1 week radio buy).

When you give us the OK we send out the finished, Mastered jingle with all the Mixes and versions required.

Jingle Specifications

Standard Jingle Package Includes 4 Tracks

1 x Thirty Second fully sung jingle

1 x Thirty Second Top & Tail with music bed

1 x Thirty Second Top & Music Bed

1 x Thirty Second Tail & Music Bed

Extra Versions (60 sec, 20 sec, 15 sec or 5 sec stings) can be catered for.

Payment is usually COD.

But It Doesn’t End There

We also send out accompanying information on the best way to use your jingle package for maximum effectiveness. We also like to know how your jingle is going and whether we may be able to help with follow up strategies, so please keep in touch. You may even want to offer us suggestions which may benefit us, so we are only too keen to hear from you.

Jinglemakers guarantee that your jingle package is written, recorded and produced specifically for YOU.

Made to order is the SOUND CHOICE!

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"Give us a Bell at TELECELL. 0n 13 21 10. What a fantastic Jingle, Well Done Guys"

Hew Blair,
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