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“Give us a Bell at TELECELL. 0n 13 21 10. What a fantastic Jingle, Well Done Guys”

Hew Blair
Andrews Advertising

Dave and the Jinglemakers team put Australia’s 4th Largest shopping centre on the map with “It’s All At Westpoint”, sending listeners into a shopping frenzy with that contagious jingle.

Kim Lemke
Kim Lemke Creative

“Here Comes a Big Pat on the back from TUFFY MUFFLERS and feel free to show this letter to all your prospective clients.

I was very impressed the day we first met, you sat and listened to what I had to say.

Then asked all the right questions to gather more information. On the next meeting you played the jingle, and WHAMMO, all the relevant information cleverly worded and mixed with a driving melody and beat.

We bought it straight away, and consider it to be an incredible advertising investment.”

Andrew Haggar
Managing Director
Tuffy Mufflers

Dear Dave

In case you would ever want an endorsement of your work I thought you may like to retain this letter.

Your first commercial for The Music Man helped put my company on the map by using “The Music Man, He’s got the place to go, Phone 648 1230”

Our phones ran Hot.

This jingle worked really well, when I told strangers what my business was, they would start singing the jingle to me.

For a small retailer to be turning over 3 million dollars through one store is truly amazing and your jingle certainly helped toward our success.

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing our association in the future.

Kind regards
George Larcher
Managing Director
The Music Man Group of Companies.

“We have been doing business for over 8 years now and I would like to say our working relationship has been excellent. Most of our projects have been budget conscious yet you have always given us creative and refreshing material. Although we have only met once, you and your people have communicated well and always manage to decipher our briefs and perceive our clients requirements. This is of particular benefit considering the huge distance between our companies.”

Bob West
Creative Director
Delta Productions

“I First met Dave Hallard, over a short black coffee and a tough brief.”

The Client was Cordony’s Liberty Hairdressing.

Within days Dave returned with a smile and a cassette. What was on that cassette proved to be the most successful radio campaign in the 53 years of the Cordony Business. Twenty three salons permed, dyed and shampooed their way through increased clients who all wanted the’ Liberty Look’.

Kim Lemke
Kim Lemke Creative.

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Jingle Makers
Jingle Makers
Jingle Makers


"Dave and the Jinglemakers team put Australia's 4th Largest shopping centre on the map with "It's All At Westpoint", sending listeners into a shopping frenzy with that contagious jingle."

Kim Lemke
Kim Lemke Creative