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Jingle Writing -Our Process

The first step to creating your advertising jingle is to acquaint ourselves with your requirements. We ask questions about your business to determine the image you wish to promote, the style of commercial jingle and the message you wish to convey. We can best gather this information by the use of our Creative Brief Form With this information we can formulate a jingle advertising strategy.

Give Me A Jingle -The Message

The Creative team starts the jingle writing process with the message.  This may be a tag line that you already have, or it could be a big idea that you want to spread like wildfire.  The Creative Team takes your information and works through some lyrics for the jingle.  Those lyrics and the tune combine to “hook” your audience with a lasting message.

Let’s step through the process for creating jingles.

Step 1:  We start with the product, then identify the target audience and match it to the music style.

soft drinks = young audience = modern music

real estate = mature audience = conservative music.

Step 2: The jingle lyrics usually have to satisfy three criteria:

  • Name of product/company
  • The philosophy behind the name
  • The service or benefits that the product has to offer

Points 1 and 2 are satisfied in the opening two lines of the lyrics for the jingle which usually last around 5 seconds.  In jingle advertising terms, this is called the ‘strapline’ or ‘top’ of the jingle.  It consists of supplying the name and slogan together.  When writing the jingle, the name and slogan is also tagged to the end of the jingle. This becomes the ‘tail’ of the jingle.

Step 3: Create the verse of the jingle.  This draws out the benefits of the product or service.  This part of an advertising jingle lasts around twenty seconds.

Then the verse is faxed or emailed to you for review.  This step takes 3-5 business days from receiving your completed Creative Brief Form.

Lyric Approval

It is important that you like the lyrics, so if are not satisfied then changes can be easily made at this point. When you are totally happy and approve the lyrics, we move on to discuss a music style which may best suit the image you are promoting.

Both jingle music and lyric must combine to form a catchy memorable mini-song which will convey a selling message.

Jingle Lyric and Jingle Music Meet

Your project is now in the hands of one of our composers. A memorable melody will be combined with the lyrics, then arranged and recorded to produce a demo of your jingle.

We send this to you once again for approval ( CD, Cassette or via the net as an MP3 file).

Reviewing Your Commercial Jingle

JingleMakers provides a jingle music package consisting of four or more versions of your jingle.  These are all 30 seconds in length.

  1. Complete jingle to be used to sell the name and corporate image
  2. Top and tail with music bed
  3. Top with music bed
  4. Tail with music bed

In versions 2, 3, 4 a spoken voice over can be used over the music bed to hard sell benefits, specials of the week, introductory offers and new services.

We are sure you are going to play your jingles to family, friends and business colleagues.  Try to listen to it about 20 times in a week.  That is about the same number of times a radio advertising package plays advertising jingles.

When you approve your jingle we produce the final mastered jingle in our Sydney recording studio with all the mixes and versions required.

Here are some radio jingles we’ve created.

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Jingle Makers
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"Dave and the Jinglemakers team put Australia's 4th Largest shopping centre on the map with "It's All At Westpoint", sending listeners into a shopping frenzy with that contagious jingle."

Kim Lemke
Kim Lemke Creative