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Voice Over Recording for Telephone Answering Systems

Are you always able to take the call the first time a prospective client calls your business?  Your first opportunity to “shake hands” is often over the phone.  When your receptionist is on the phone with another client, you may miss that one opportunity to make a great first impression. We can help with a voice over recording for your telephone answering system.  Our voiceover artist will introduce your organisation by delivering your message (or your company jingle!) in a clear and professional manner.

Voice Over Recording

Your company’s marketing campaigns are reaching the right audience. New business is calling in for appointments.  In fact, you can’t intercept the calls quickly enough. Does your answering system place the caller into on-hold limbo? Or is there a short message that invites the caller to stay on for just a few moments?  Our voice overs talent can read and inviting messages to deliver a welcoming message to the caller.  Voice over narration recordings are also useful for dubbing in the message for training or promotional videos.

Sydney Voice Overs Talent

The first voice your prospective client probably hears is your automated phone system. This is the critical moment when you need to reach out to the caller with an appealing voice and welcoming message.  We can use talented voice over artists to create these messages.  These on-hold messages can be scripted to cleverly disguise a short commercial about a new product or service.  We call these “education spots.”

A professional voice over talent uses the latest voice recording technology set up in our voice over studio near Sydney, Australia. The sound engineer puts the quality touch on your messages.

Other applications for voice over recording include audio recordings for email messages or web page audio, voicemail and voice over YouTube.  Give us a call today to find out more about creating professional voice over recording of your important phone greetings, marketing messages, on hold messaging, and special announcements.

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