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The reason for using a sung jingle or musical theme to sell a product or a service on radio or television is, that a theme which can be sung, hummed or whistled has a more memorable effect than the plain spoken word. Basically, people are more inclined to remember a catchy tune than a plain spoken statement.

Music has been used to sell products ranging from soft drinks, cars, magazines, retail outlets, services, bubble gum through to toiletries and hygiene products.

No matter the product there’s a music style and emotive feeling to suit.


A Jinglemakers jingle combines both music and lyrics to portray a feeling, yet supply information to the listener on the product being sold.

The most common length for a jingle is thirty seconds – enough time to project your message without boring the listener.

The music for any jingle must reflect a style and feel relating to the company or product.

For example:

soft drinks = young audience = modern music

real estate = mature audience = conservative music.

The lyrics usually have to satisfy three criteria.

1. Name of product/company

2. The philosophy behind the name

3. The service or benefits that the product has to offer.

Points 1 and 2 can usually be satisfied in the opening two lines, (5 seconds) by supplying the name and slogan together, this is called the top or strapline of the jingle. Repeat the name and slogan at the end of the jingle and it becomes the tail.

The verse of the jingle (20 seconds in the middle) is used to satisfy point 3.

Both music and lyric must combine to form a catchy memorable mini-song which will convey a selling message.


1. There is more listener awareness from a sung jingle, than the plain spoken word.

2. In a marketing situation it promotes a professional attitude towards corporate identity and product reinforcement.

3. Helps to promote a higher profile for the product.

4. Improves effectiveness of a spoken advertisement.


Jinglemakers will provide a jingle package consisting of 4 or more versions of your jingle.

1. Full sung jingle. (To be used to sell the name and corporate image)

2. Top and tail with music bed.

3. Top with music bed.

4. Tail with music bed.

In versions 2.3.4. a spoken voice over can be used over the music bed to hard sell benefits, specials of the week, introductory offers and new services etc:

This is achieved while still retaining the sung top, tail and musical theme.


Our unique approach ensures that you have a jingle package of the highest quality for a relatively small investment. When you consider a jingle costs approximately the same as a two week advertising package on one radio station (20 spots per week) or 2 x 30 second spots on one television station and a jingle has a lifespan of 1-2 years or longer (remember “Aeroplane Jelly” and “Happy Little Vegemites”) then a jingle is a sound advertising investment.

A Jinglemakers jingle is both practical and affordable to the owner/manager of a business that is serious about the promotion of their product.

If you would like Further Information on how a jingle can benefit you thenĀ Contact us.

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