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Jingles music works! A smart marketing plan includes musical jingles.  Why? A well constructed advertising jingle generates an emotional tug and lasting impact on people.  Jingles, like memorable TV shows and songs make people remember. Think of a TV show from years ago, you’ll be able to recall the opening theme tune like it was yesterday. Theme tunes are really just longer jingles.

The best jingles are the catchy tunes that make an emotional connection with the perfect audience.  These people ‘get’ the message and this brings them one step closer to buying your product.  That message is the memory hook you want delivered by your brand.

For example, there is a mother looking to buy a brand of soap in a supermarket, who just can’t forget that catchy radio jingle she listened to three times during his 2 hour training session. She just can’t get it out of her head.  In fact, she stops by the local grocery to pick up some of that Palmolive Gold,

“You’ll never need to be told, when you use Palmolive Gold!”

Maybe it’s the Door Plus commercial jingle that runs in a constant loop in the listeners memory. He knows he’s been meaning to replace that old looking door with a new one.  Isn’t it time he called Doors Plus?  After all they can…

“Fit, Stain and Deliver, Doors Plus, No Fuss!”

Whatever product or service you company provides JingleMakers can deliver the jingle.  In fact, a great test is to play it a few times for your business partners, family and friends.  If they smile, start tapping their toe and can recite it verbatim, then we accomplished the goal of an advertising jingle.

When you receive your final jingle package we also provide you with a report on how to get the most out of your investment in commercial advertising music.  Whether you use it for radio, TV, video, telephone or YouTube Internet marketing, you’ll know exactly how to use your jingle.


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"Dave and the Jinglemakers team put Australia's 4th Largest shopping centre on the map with "It's All At Westpoint", sending listeners into a shopping frenzy with that contagious jingle."

Kim Lemke
Kim Lemke Creative