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YouTube Voice Over Video – Go Viral!

Do you have video or audio and video on your business website? A powerful marketing strategy combines voice over video to create a YouTube video viewed by thousands. Consumers love YouTube and businesses are using it to drive traffic to their online business websites. YouTube is an online video sharing hub where people can upload, share and watch videos. The beauty of YouTube is that it’s absolutely free and easy to use. The power of YouTube is that when you have a popular video, people can share it with others with just the click of a mouse. By sharing a YouTube video with other people, the action is referred to as ‘going viral.’

Viral marketing techniques provide huge return on investment. Imagine spending less than $500 on a video that generates hundreds of thousands of links to your website. The trick is creating a video that generates all that sharing. That’s where the voice over video experts at Jingle Makers can help out. We can take your video and provide music or voice over audio to compliment the video.

Now you can have professional voiceover artists introduce your latest product or even give a tutorial and broadcast it on you website. Our clients create a video with a webcam, digital camera or even use Powerpoint presentations to deliver the video piece. Next we compose music or even create a jingle or song that is edited to create a YouTube voice over. In fact, music doesn’t have to be involved. The voiceover artist can read a script providing voice over narration for films, documentaries and training videos.

Musical Jingles Go Viral

Jingles create memorable radio and television commercials. Jingles have proven to be powerful marketing tools. Now, with a YouTube voice over, your video presentation and advertising jingle is uploaded to YouTube where others can see the video. A commercial jingle that’s a hit on the radio and TV will go global as a YouTube video.

That same video or voice over recording can be embedded in your website or even into emails.

Adding a voice to your online messages forms trust.

Adding a voice to your online messages forms trust.

Using audio, video and jingles on your website and in your email helps develop a relationship with your customers. A professional audio or video piece fosters confidence in your business as clients see you using technology to reach out to them.

Are you looking for a website voice talent to your marketing team? Call us today to set up a time to investigate using voice over video and to schedule time in our voice over studio. Finding a solution for Sydney voice overs is just a phone call away.

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"Dave and the Jinglemakers team put Australia's 4th Largest shopping centre on the map with "It's All At Westpoint", sending listeners into a shopping frenzy with that contagious jingle."

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